UNBIAS is the platform for sharing invoice status data

Knowing the status of an invoice is important information to manage debtors, predict cash flow and determine finance risk. This information is currently locked within accounting software and cannot be shared without losing integrity. UNBIAS is a blockchain network for sharing invoice status data in a secure and controlled way.

How can UNBIAS help you


Enhance your risk management processes. Use validated invoice data as input for evaluating factoring applications.


Improve cash flow management. Know when invoices will be paid and if alternative forms of finance is needed. 


Improve creditor management and invoice request handling. Provide suppliers better means to manage their cash position.

How does UNBIAS work

1. Register invoices

Register invoices and update invoice statuses automatically from your bookkeeping software, or use the online portal.

2. Share invoice statuses

Share invoice status data with your relationships in a safe and secure way. You are in control of who has access to what data.

3. Use invoice status information

Access information stored on the blockchain and use it for managing debtors, handling creditor requests and to evaluate risk of finance.

4. Always pay correctly

Use UNBIAS payment routing to collect payments and invoices are always settled correctly, also when invoices are factored.

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UNBIAS will be available in 2019. Would you like to stay up to date on the latest developments, news & events and commercial launch of UNBIAS? Or are you interested in participation in the UNBIAS Pilot? Please leave your contact details below.

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