Website UNBIAS relaunched

The new UNBIAS website has just been relaunched and has completely been redesigned! New features include key benefits, a section for partners and news items.


Stay up to date of latest developments

We regularly post news updates on the website. This way, you can stay up to date on the latest developments of UNBIAS. Any progress on development, attendance of events and more will be shared through the website. Also, you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter to receive monthly updates via e-mail.

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Sharing invoice status information with UNBIAS

UNBIAS helps organisations share invoice status information in a structured, controlled and safe way. The platform keeps track of invoice statuses on an immutable decentralised ledger maintained by participants. When was an invoice created? Has it been approved by the buyer? Has an invoice been factored? With UNBIAS this is clear to whomever it concerns, while information is shielded from others.