UNBIAS works through integration with ERP and other bookkeeping software. Any invoice status change in ERP or bookkeeping software is automatically recorded on the UNBIAS blockchain. This guarantees UNBIAS to represent the latest status and provides optimal insight for all users of the platform.

Offering UNBIAS as an ERP means better servicing your customers. Businesses need to know indisputably how and if invoices are settled. Particularly when invoices are factored, the payment flow is often uncertain. UNBIAS helps solve this issue by providing transparency in invoice settlement.

UNBIAS is a valuable addition to the services portfolio of any ERP or bookkeeping software provider by realising new business opportunities and better service level for customers.

How to join UNBIAS

UNBIAS is developed closely with industry leaders. These industry leaders co-determine the specifications and outcome of the solution. This way, UNBIAS is tailored to the market and solves real problems for real customers.

If you are interested in UNBIAS and want to be part of the solution, please reach out to us by calling +31 20 658 0651 or sending an e-mail to info@unbias.eu.