UNBIAS is the platform for sharing invoice status information

UNBIAS helps organisations share invoice status information in a structured, controlled and safe way. When was an invoice created? Has it been approved by the buyer? Has an invoice been factored? With UNBIAS this is clear to whomever it concerns, while information is shielded from others.

Information is securely encrypted and stored in a blockchain network. Through integration with bookkeeping. This guarantees information in UNIBAS is authentic, up-to-date and directly available to all participants.

UNBIAS also introduces payment routing service for invoice settlement. Based on information in UNBIAS, payment is transferred from a single bank account to the party entitled to payment of the invoice. This is possible regardless of whether an invoice has been factored or if the buyer has been notified about factoring.


Register invoices and update invoice statuses automatically from your bookkeeping software, or use the online portal.


Share invoice status data with your relationships in a safe and secure way. You are in control of who has access to what data.


Access information stored on the blockchain and use it for managing debtors, handling creditor requests and to evaluate risk of finance.


Use UNBIAS payment routing to collect payments and invoices are always settled correctly, also when invoices are factored.

Why blockchain?

UNBIAS uses blockchain technology to securely register invoice statuses and make sure this information can be accessible by other users. Businesses can interact with the system freely and in a trusted environment based on the rules of the system. This way, the blockchain protocol creates trust without the need of a central entity governing transactions. 

Payment routing

Payments are sometimes credited to the wrong account. Correcting these wrong payments is cumbersome for both sellers and buyers. When invoices are factored, payment is no longer due to the seller, but to the factor. This further clouds how to settle invoices by the buyer. 

UNBIAS allows buyers to pay invoices to a single IBAN account. We make sure the money ends up where it belongs using data on the blockchain. This way, you no longer have to worry if invoices are settled correctly.