UNBIAS for Sellers

Sellers use UNBIAS to better manage their cash position. UNBIAS is the platform for registering and sharing invoice status data.

When sellers create a new invoice, it is registered on the UNBIAS blockchain directly from their bookkeeping software. After sending the invoice to the buyer, the seller can follow the invoice status on UNBIAS as soon as the buyer starts processing the invoice. The invoice statuses can be shared with factors and credit insurers to receive better offerings.

Better cash flow predictability

UNBIAS enables data driven cash flow predictability with invoice tracking and payment dates directly available in bookkeeping software. Use invoice tracking information to better manage cash flow and decide if alternative finance is needed. 

Better factoring offers

Easily provide trusted data with your factoring or credit insurance application and expect better offers. 

Prevent correction of wrong payments

Invoices are always paid correctly, preventing cumbersome and tedious payment corrections. Even when invoices have been factored, payments are processed correctly.